Life Throws Us Curves!

Life sometime takes you on a path you don’t expect to travel. It happens to all of us at some point. You can plan, dream and plan some more, but sometimes, choices are made and things happen.

If you would have told me 25 years ago that I would be working in a space museum, I wouldn’t have believed you. I have always been an admirer of the stars, the moon, and the planets. I knew a little about rockets, Von Braun, the Shuttle, Apollo, and astronauts,

On the multiple trips to the US Space and Rocket Center, and Sci Quest, I was always enamored how cool they made science look. However, the last five months, I’ve been reeducated on Space by visitors, co-workers, management, engineers, and astronauts.  I’m thankful for all the new friends that I’ve made.

Every time I go to work, I learn something new. Most of the time it wold have never entered my mind as needful or possible, but once I learn the new facts, I often wonder how we could have grown as a country, or as humans without these discoveries.

I say all of this to say that I’m glad these little curves of life come, I often grow as a result. My teaching degree, my improv and acting experience have intertwined to help me navigate through the unknown. Well, it was unknown to me. I’m just amazed at the courage, the attention to detail, the bravery, and the humbleness of these wonderful souls, the explorers of space and the creators of the possibility of space, the engineers.

It has changed me.



Are Fathers Really that Important?

Today on father’s day 2017. I was thinking about the importance of my father, or dad as he likes to be called, or poppa. 

I can’t tell you what is was like to not have a dad in my life. The dad that was chosen for me made a chose to be present.

He chose to take me on fishing trips where most of the time he was feeding me crackers, or getting my line unstuuck out of a tree, or taking the fish off that I was to scared to touch. 

He took me swimming where he would throw his hard earned coins into a pool and have me retrieve them. He not only taught me the important skill of swimming, but that to get money you must earn it. 

He coached my softball team where he cheered me on, taught me multiple life lessons. 

He watched tv, football games, played outside and taught me so much more. 

He loved my mom. I watched them care for each other, and I watch him still today work and provide for her. 

He took me to church where he taught me to love Jesus. He loved me so much and pointed me to Christ. He still to this day serves Christ.

I am assured that right now if I called him from the other side of the world that not only would he answet, but he would come and get me if I asked him to. 

If you know my dad, you love him. He is an incredible person, and I do believe that having him in my life is important. Along with my mother he shaped who I am. 

Happy Father’s Day Poppa!

Don’t Settle for Temporary Happiness!

It’s so easy in life to get distracted and settle for temporary happiness. I think most people live in the temporary happiness zone. I know I do. I waste time as a result.

I say a lot of things make me happy



, but I know that when I’m being creative, I’m in bliss.


I am learning little by little that when you find what makes you happy, you have to keep your focus pointed towards it at all times, or you will slowly but surely lose direction. It has happened to me a million times.



I am writing this post to remind myself to stay focused on what truly makes me happy, not what satisfies my desire for temporary happiness. Here is my plan to do just that.

  1. Keep Educating myself about the lanes of creativity that make me the happiest. So that when the opportunity arises, I will be prepared.IMG_2595
  2. Create Opportunity. Don’t wait for it to drop in my lap. IMG_2594
  3. Appreciate the times you live in bliss. IMG_2593
  4. Always express gratitude when you get a chance to do what you love. IMG_2592
  5. Never arrive and get complacent. IMG_2591
  6. Don’t let someone tell you you can’t. IMG_2590

Just Don’t settle for temporary happiness!

Mr. Rogers was brillant. 

He was an amazing human being. Not because he was loud, and obnoxious. Not that he forced people to take his side. 

His love for what he believed about education and children drove his humble personality. 

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Rocket City Bloggers!

If you have ever seen my blog, you may have noticed the icon to the side. Look over there to the right. The Rocket City Bloggers is the one I am referring to. You can learn about this group Right here.

The Rocket City Bloggers

I joined this group awhile back. I have got to attend a couple events. The cool part is that well, they highlight your blog and connect you with other bloggers in the Rocket City. If you are someone you know blogs, or vlogs, hit the admin up and get connected today. You can also find us on Facebook.

Thanks for doing this group. It’s just one more reason that I love the Rocket City.

Be Alive!


I’ve been working a lot lately, and I really do love my job.


I love the people I work with, and I love watching people learn about the




, presentimg_1606

and future of space travel.



I love meeting people from all over the world, and I love hearing stories of people that worked on getting man to the moon.

As much as I do love my job, I haven’t been doing a lot of creative work. I haven’t been feeding my inner artist. I haven’t been writing, improvising, and I really miss it.

Today, I headed out to the library, and I bought some used plays,

IMG_2452            IMG_2453

and I’m going to try to find some new monologues to begin to work on. I have dusted off my most recent screenplay and I’m going to get back to working on it. I’m trying to remind myself on a daily basis to feed the artist that lives inside of me. I don’t want to loose the skills that I’ve developed over the last twelve years.

Also, I am happier when I create.


As an artist, when you create, you feel more alive. So, I hope that soon, I will be back on stage, behind a camera, or in front of the camera giving the performance of my life. I hope that I can keep the creative candle burning. I hope I can always remember that whether I am working at my day job, or creating art that I effect people. I hope that I approach life not just barely existing, but alive.

FullSizeRender (4)


My Mother’s Day Post!


As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mother. When I first wanted to be a mother, I didn’t realize what it meant. I liked playing with my baby dolls, and taking care of them. I liked feeding them, and listening to them when I pulled their string. I liked changing their clothes and brushing their hair. I even loved changing their diapers.


When I was in my twenties, I met my wonderful husband, and we got married. We were so happy, Six month into to being married, we began to talk about having a baby. I visited my gynecologist. We discussed us having a baby. By this time, I had been on birth control almost a whole year. She said that due to being on birth control that length of time, It might take some time to get pregnant. So nine months into our marriage, I came off of birth control. We were a little surprised that the next month, I was pregnant with our first daughter. The second time we got pregnant, I was on birth control. We quickly became a happy family of four.


Let me say this now, being a mom was way more than all those things I noted above that I practiced with my baby doll’s. There is a lot of work, lot of sacrifice, and lot of patience.

With that being said, outside of being married, having kids is the best decision I ever made. There is no one emotion that can describe the feeling of being a mom.  Their is nothing that can truly prepare you for you will experience. I’ve never experienced any other event, or held any other job or responsibility that made me feel the day I became a mother.


When my kids were growing up, I spent as much time as a mother can possible spend with them. I loved having my kids under me. I missed them when they went to school, and I adored our summer vacations. I loved the weekends, and looked forward to participating in anything they did.

Now that they have grown up and graduated college,

I sit and wonder where has the time gone. I miss seeing them on a regular basis. I love social media because it helps tremendously, but nothing replaces the sense of touch. Hugging them and kissing their faces is something I miss.

Although I do miss them, I would never want my feelings to hold them back to doing what they love to do. I am so happy for both of them that they are following their dreams.  As a mom, you can’t ask for more than that. Mine was to be a wife,mother, teacher, and an entertainer.

The biggest thing that I’ve learned as a mom is that I don’t appreciate my mom near enough.

2015-05-09 18.40.21

She taught me how to be a mother, for that I’m thankful.

Thanks to my children for allowing me to love you.

Thanks to my mother for teaching how to love my children.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you.

Living With An Introvert.



If you know me, you know that I will talk to anybody that will listen. I love being around people. I struggle on my days off of work because most of them are spent alone. If I’m tired, I sleep, but normally I just do daily chores, and errands. Then, I anxiously await my introverted husband’s arrival home from work. I feel bad for him sometimes. I know, I know. He knew what he was getting in to, but still, I feel bad sometimes. As soon as I see his car pull up in the driveway, I feel a bit of excitement like that feeling you get at Christmas time. I hear the key unlock the door, and I hold back trying not to bombard him with everything I have to say.

downtime required

Living with an introvert, you must understand that they require some downtime. They need to walk into a serene peaceful environment. It took me many years to figure this out. The introverted person recharges alone, while the extroverted person recharges with about 100 of their closest friends.

   finding an outlet

There are several ways that I’ve found to not give my introverted husband a panic attack on a daily basis.

I love acting and I get together with my acting buds sometimes. We do improv, film, and just are creative.

image1 (1).PNG

Also, social media provides me a great way to connect with all my besties and keep up with every single one of them. I still make phone calls as well. Face Time is amazing for the extrovert. Sometimes, I just go places by myself if my introvert doesn’t want to go. I had to learn that its okay that he might need to stay inside and energize.

the most important thing

We’ve been married now for 23 years. I’ve learned how to love someone. Through the ups and downs. Through the highs and lows. Through the peaks and valleys. Ok, I think that paints the picture. All I’m trying to say is that no matter whether introverted or extroverted, relationships are about unconditional love. If you love someone, you don’t care if they are introverted or extroverted. So this is how I live with an introvert. I am madly in love with him after 23 years of marriage.


Mascot Days are Here Again!

Well, the secret at work must be out. This is me.


And This…


The secret must be out at work because on my schedule for next week. It says…

image1 (3)


Next Friday will be interesting.

Distinctive Daughter!

According to Google,  Magna cum laude means :
mag·na cum lau·de
  1. with great distinction (with reference to college degrees and diplomas).
Even though we didn’t know that our oldest daughter Holly would graduate from UAB  Magna Cum Laude, it was no surprise to us.
Her first word outside of Dada and mamma, was necklace.
At 28 months, a friend of ours, Jill, tested holly’s language skills for her master’s degree. She was already 2 1/2 years. Meaning at 2 years old, she spoke like a four year old.
Not only did she speak well, she always was witty, and remembered things. There are so many stories about Holly that I could tell you, but there are two I will talk about on today’s post.
When she was five, she was reading out of a kid’s joke book as I was driving down the road. She said to me “What did the river say when  a rock was put in it?”  I told her I didn’t know. She said “I’ll be dammed.” The funny part of this story is that she said it with the correct inflection on the word dammed.  Making it a cuss word as a  posed to the act of one damming up a river.  I did almost wreck my car that day.
When she was seven, we were playing catch phrase with family during the holidays. Holly wanted to play. I whispered to her if she didn’t know the word that came up just to go to the next word. As it got to her turn in the round, she took the disc game, and immediately said the Valley where dead heroes go. We all had no idea, and assumed that she didn’t know that she was talking about as she was just seven. She repeated herself. Finally, someone said Valhalla. She said yes, and passed the disc. We were all where amazed. Then, at the end of the round. We asked her, where she had learned about such a place. She told us it was on Hercules. She then looked at her grandma, and without missing a beat said ” see grandma, you can learn things by watching tv.” We all died laughing.
The point of these two stories is that Holly has always been witty, smart, and adaptable. No matter if she is talking to a five year old
or an 86 year old.
She can speak to anyone and have a conversation.
So you can see why that we weren’t surprised that she graduated with such a high honor. Even though we may not be surprised, we are definitely proud of her. She has worked so hard.
We love you Holly and Congrats!
Kaitlin Chappell

It is well.

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