Mapping Out Your Life!

Mind mapping is always so helpful to me.

I decided to do a mind map of my life. This is what I recalled and what I discovered.

At age thirty, I remember thinking that I had completed all the goals that I had set for myself. I graduated high school,

and I graduated college

I was teaching in the private sector. I was married and had two kids.


We were also working doing ministry work in churches.  I believed all those things were permanent fixtures in my life, and I knew a lot of hard work was ahead, but for the most part, I had nothing new to accomplish. I remember deciding to try to set some new goals for myself.

I just remember coming to the conclusion that  I needed new goals. I started getting back into the theater and film world.

I starting taking acting classes from a professional teacher. I worked up enough courage to join and improv group.

It changed my life. I know if I wouldn’t had acting classes, or improv, I probably wouldn’t be who I am right now. Eric and I went through some really tough stuff that eventually changed our direction as a family. Sparing the details, I knew it was time for a change.  I took some big trips that helped me become more independent and help me realize that I could do anything I wanted.

I could change directions at any time. It helped me realize that I didn’t have to be stuck somewhere if I was unhappy. I really threw myself into acting and film making.  Once the kids left the nest and became independent, I started to feel loss, and had to search for something to hold on to.

It led Eric and I on a six month travel journey that was good and bad, but overall positive because we learned a lot about ourselves, our marriage, and each other.

We returned and begin to look for jobs. I landed at a  NASA museum and a college that allows me to perform, serve, educate and motivate others.

After completing the historic side of my mind map adventure the following repeated itself over and over again: serving, educating, and motivating. As I push forward on this adventure, I have come to the conclusion that I feel like I lived several lives and accomplished so much, but I feel like I have so much more to do, and give. I never see myself being done. I never see myself giving up. For a long time, I thought I was all over the place, but mind mapping made me realize that I’ve been preparing for the moment I am currently in.  It also gives me an idea of where I want to go as well. I am very thankful and feel blessed to have the experiences I do, and I am very excited to look towards the future.





It’s hard to believe that its April, and I haven’t blogged since December.  I’ve just been extremely busy.

January: I started a second part time job. I still work at the US Space and Rocket Center, and now I work at the local community college as an office clerk. I am still doing improv and I am helping my daughter manage her band.


February: I did production design for a music video.


March: I went to visit daughter number 1 at Disney. I hadn’t seen her since August.










April: I have been doing an improv workshop this month with high school kids.


Hopefully, I will get back to sharing more often.




Huntsville Space 2017

The city I live in is pretty cool. We have a deep history of developing rockets, and hardware for space. We have a current history of doing science in space. We are creating the future by working on the Space Launch System. Huntsville has got space.

Play Nice!

IMG_3472 (1)

I was reading a social media post and I stopped to read the comments below it, and I was struck with a thought and had to write about it. It amazes me that people are so overcome when they see people do good. It amazes me that this is not natural behavior. I am drawn to positive shows like Mike Rowe’s new Facebook series, Returning the Favor, any you tube video where someone is doing something nice, or surprise reveals where people are overcome with joy.

It’s just so sad that these shows and behavior are consider above and beyond what is expected. Whether you are a Christian or have read the Bible or not. Everyone most likely knows the thought  Be kind to one another.  

I just wished we could all play nice. I just wished that I would expect good from people an not the alternative.


Finding the Square Peg Hole!


I am constantly reminded on a daily basis that I’m not perfect, and I don’t know everything. I need to be in this place as generally, I am a pretty confident person. It helps me practice humility. I guess my weakest area of confidence is being around people who are naturally gifted at being smart. I get easily intimated by someone because honestly, I’ve have to work really hard to learn.

I have a condition called nervous energy that I was diagnosed with as a kid.

website where I got the following information

  • You feel so excited that you could do everything incredibly fast and then look for other things to do.
  • You may also feel like you have to run or do something right now just to burn off the energy.
  • Sometimes you can’t sleep because your mind or body is going a million miles an hour.
  • You feel as if you have energy to burn, a lot of excess energy, and then some.
  • You feel always ‘pumped’ and ‘adrenalized.’
  • You also may feel as if you can’t sit still or relax.
  • Another indication of excess energy is that you feel like taking on new tasks or projects even though you already have a full schedule. The desire to do something new is over-powering. Some examples include remodeling or rearranging your house, painting your home, taking on new studies, start new groups, get another pet, buy more things, etc. This is all because you have so much energy and interests.

My parent wouldn’t put me on medication because honestly back then it was frowned upon. They tried to help me find a natural way to deal with my problems. I mainly exercised a lot.

As a result of having nervous energy,  it’s hard for me to learn. I’ve never used this as a crutch or an excuse. I just try and work through it.

Sometimes, I feel like a failure. Sometimes, I feel dumb. Sometimes, I get really down that I can’t learn as fast as I would like. In the end, I try to just pick myself up, dust myself off, and dig deeper and power through whatever obstacle stands in my way.

I have found for me that improvisation is a perfect fit for me because my mind thinks fast. It’s a stress reliever. I love doing improv , and it has changed my life. It makes this very square peg , meaning me, fit in a square peg hole.


Inspiring TV



I recently stumbled on Mike Rowe’s (Dirty Jobs)  new series called Returning the Favor.  What a great show on Facebook. We need more shows like this on TV. I love the way its filmed, the content, the heart that goes into every episode. It’s something that I will continue to watch for in the future. I love good finds like these.

Great Huntsville Event Resource!

For awhile now, I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about this amazing website called Our Valley Events!

This webpage is a great source of information for anyone living or visiting Huntsville, Alabama. I often rely on this site to find out what is happening in my area, and I often promote our improv shows on this website as well.


Finding things in Huntsville is made easy. Also, follow Our Valley events on Social Media.





Huntsville is a great place to visit. So many fun things to do here, and we are still growing.



I’m reminded of what I’ve done to my parents.


The hardest thing to do as a parent is not raise your kids, its letting them go to become who they want to be. When you have kids, you have all these plans for your kids, you forget that they will be born with their own plans embedded in their hearts. You forget they will grow up and have a life of their on. You want them to be healthy and happy, but selfishly you want them to be healthy and happy your way. As I lay in bed tonight, I’m reminded of what I’ve done to my parents. Just know Mom, Dad, I hope the pride you feel for my life outweighs the pain. In my case this is true. Even though my kids are no longer under my feet, they are in my heart and everyday it swells with happiness knowing that they are doing what they love.

Redbox Must Rent!

I am excited to announce that the movie I’ve talked about before on the blog, The Atoning is going to be going to Redbox. I  am over the moon as this is the very first movie  I worked on to be on Redbox. It’s no easy task to get an Indy film on Redbox these days, but when you have an awesome director like Michael Williams, incredible producers like Michael Williams, Daniel Wood, Michael LaCour, Joni Seitz, Sabrita Gordon, and David Roberson and an amazing cast and crew it happens. As Halloween approaches, if you need to get ready now is your time to watch this suspense thriller.

For your convenience, it will be on other platforms as well. Take a look at the graphic below. Thanks for reading my blog, and thanks in advance for supporting the Atoning.



Lost In Constellation

Here is a new post and a snippit of a new song from my a cool band. Lost in Constellation. Follow them on you tube, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.


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