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Be Alive!


I’ve been working a lot lately, and I really do love my job.


I love the people I work with, and I love watching people learn about the




, presentimg_1606

and future of space travel.



I love meeting people from all over the world, and I love hearing stories of people that worked on getting man to the moon.

As much as I do love my job, I haven’t been doing a lot of creative work. I haven’t been feeding my inner artist. I haven’t been writing, improvising, and I really miss it.

Today, I headed out to the library, and I bought some used plays,

IMG_2452            IMG_2453

and I’m going to try to find some new monologues to begin to work on. I have dusted off my most recent screenplay and I’m going to get back to working on it. I’m trying to remind myself on a daily basis to feed the artist that lives inside of me. I don’t want to loose the skills that I’ve developed over the last twelve years.

Also, I am happier when I create.


As an artist, when you create, you feel more alive. So, I hope that soon, I will be back on stage, behind a camera, or in front of the camera giving the performance of my life. I hope that I can keep the creative candle burning. I hope I can always remember that whether I am working at my day job, or creating art that I effect people. I hope that I approach life not just barely existing, but alive.

FullSizeRender (4)



Drive drive drive, oh and drive some more

A couple of weeks ago was my birthday. My hubby texted me at 4:00 PM this.











I got home around 5:30 packed a small bag of stuff through it in the trunk along with the tent and a sleeping bag and we were heading out without a reservation, without any course of direction and just began to drive. We headed toward Chatanooga. I love this bridge.











As we approached  Chattanooga. My hubby and I weren’t tired so we pressed on.

It was a blue moon then, an a beautiful gift to me.











We finally arrived in Murphy, NC around 9:00. There were no hotel rooms in Murphy. So, we continued to the next town, again no rooms. We thought about sleeping in a walmart shopping center, but i was to scared to break rules











So we headed to Ocoee, then the Highlands. Still no rooms.
We ended up deciding on heading to Helen, Ga.  11 hours of driving and a very beautiful, but tiring journey, we found a rest stop. We pulled in to nap at 5:00 AM, only to be awoken by a bigger at 6:30.Am. We pulledinto Unicoi State Park finally at  7:30-8:00 AM. We got a cabin and heade to crash. We stayed three days, two nights. Here are some pics from the weekend.











Our cabin.










our sofa











A happy dude!!










always a must in Helen, marzipan




















A nice couple of folks.

We Stumbled on an Alligator!

IMG_0806We are visiting Orlando, Fl with our daughter. She is attending Playlist Live, a you tube event. We decided that we would try to do some new things in orlando this week while here. We stumbled upon a nice little walk at Shingle Creek Management Area. It is located behind a school here in orlando. To our surprise we stumbled upon this guy and scared him back in the water. He was sunbathing.



When we first saw him, I asked my hubby “Is that real?, and then he moved right in the water. After that I wasn’t sure hiking in this area was good idea. Then, I began to question the sanity of a guy we saw in the parking lot with a kayak, and the parents whose kids attend this school. I hope they have an indoor playground.

We did venture on and boy am I glad we did. This was the result.




Hard to believe that the five times I’ve been to orlando that I missed this beautiful hike. Glad that we stumbled on it and tried something new.

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