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Redbox Must Rent!

I am excited to announce that the movie I’ve talked about before on the blog, The Atoning is going to be going to Redbox. I  am over the moon as this is the very first movie  I worked on to be on Redbox. It’s no easy task to get an Indy film on Redbox these days, but when you have an awesome director like Michael Williams, incredible producers like Michael Williams, Daniel Wood, Michael LaCour, Joni Seitz, Sabrita Gordon, and David Roberson and an amazing cast and crew it happens. As Halloween approaches, if you need to get ready now is your time to watch this suspense thriller.

For your convenience, it will be on other platforms as well. Take a look at the graphic below. Thanks for reading my blog, and thanks in advance for supporting the Atoning.




Rocket City Bloggers!

If you have ever seen my blog, you may have noticed the icon to the side. Look over there to the right. The Rocket City Bloggers is the one I am referring to. You can learn about this group Right here.

The Rocket City Bloggers

I joined this group awhile back. I have got to attend a couple events. The cool part is that well, they highlight your blog and connect you with other bloggers in the Rocket City. If you are someone you know blogs, or vlogs, hit the admin up and get connected today. You can also find us on Facebook.

Thanks for doing this group. It’s just one more reason that I love the Rocket City.

Be Alive!


I’ve been working a lot lately, and I really do love my job.


I love the people I work with, and I love watching people learn about the




, presentimg_1606

and future of space travel.



I love meeting people from all over the world, and I love hearing stories of people that worked on getting man to the moon.

As much as I do love my job, I haven’t been doing a lot of creative work. I haven’t been feeding my inner artist. I haven’t been writing, improvising, and I really miss it.

Today, I headed out to the library, and I bought some used plays,

IMG_2452            IMG_2453

and I’m going to try to find some new monologues to begin to work on. I have dusted off my most recent screenplay and I’m going to get back to working on it. I’m trying to remind myself on a daily basis to feed the artist that lives inside of me. I don’t want to loose the skills that I’ve developed over the last twelve years.

Also, I am happier when I create.


As an artist, when you create, you feel more alive. So, I hope that soon, I will be back on stage, behind a camera, or in front of the camera giving the performance of my life. I hope that I can keep the creative candle burning. I hope I can always remember that whether I am working at my day job, or creating art that I effect people. I hope that I approach life not just barely existing, but alive.

FullSizeRender (4)


No Small Job!



Working on a movie set can be fun, but it is also a lot of work. So many people that start out wanting to be in that environment don’t understand how things work. Here are a list of things you need to be if you are going to work on a movie set.

  1. Team Player- You must be able to work well with others and not just promote yourself. Don’t be dramatic- No one wants to work with someone who is always causing drama. Don’t be full of yourself.
  2. Hard Worker- You need to be constantly working on something. Until the director yells that’s a wrap.
  3. Flexible- Movie work is spread out over a period of time. So to do this as a job, you have to be available when you are needed.
  4. Be on time- The production will not wait on you. If you are late, someone else might be taking over your job.
  5. Don’t be a complainer- Be happy you get the opportunity to do the job you have been ask to do. Whether you are the star of the project, or a Production Assistant, count yourself fortunate to be involved. Don’t walk around talking about how tired you are. Everyone will be tired.
  6. If you are going to be over a department, be organized, and take pictures of everything.

Following these rules will help you keep getting work. There are no small jobs. Everyone is very important.

Who Inspires You?


I have been inspired  by so many people in my life.

  1. My Family
  2. My Fifth Grade Teacher
  3. My Coaches when playing sports
  4. Athletes
  5. Artist

The list goes on. It seems just when I need inspiration, or a fresh perspective, someone comes along in my life to give me just what I need. Recently, I’ve been inspired by several people in social media. I’ve been inspired by their dedication to do things in a different way. Trail Blazers to a new era.

I’ve been following these guys on social media recently, and I am definitely inspired by each of them for different reasons. Although, everyone will not agree with every thing they promote, do, say, and some might be offend by the language ( I am warning you of that), but if you glean anything from these guys. I promise you will be inspired. So here is the list.


He has a blast wherever he goes. He’s quirky, and fun. I am reminded by watching his channel that fun is  important.  Thus, his channel is appropriately titled FunForLuis

You Tube

Casey Neistat is a creative filmmaker that has pushed film into a whole new dimension, and he uses the drone like no one I have seen. His edits are amazing, and his carefree state of mind is refreshing.

You Tube

Gary Vaynerchuk 

He is an author of several books, and an entrepreneurial extraordinaire. His willingness to share his content online for free to help other people achieve success is mind blowing.  His positive message, and his honest straight forward advice keeps me coming back day after day listening to advice on how to market myself in a changing world.

You Tube

I will making some definite changes on my social media, personal mission statement and my life to design what I believe will help me be successful in all that I aspire.Thanks guys for inspiring me to do great things.

A little throw back Thursday!!!

My senior year in high school in 1987 at a pep rally!!!! Go Rattlers!!!!


car picToday, I will start today’s post off by saying. I need this post more than anyone else that is reading it. I feel horrible as I think about how this subject and how due to it that I may have impacted people in a derogatory manner.

Yesterday’s lunch with my family is a perfect example.

steak and shake

This photo is a courtesy of Yelp and Rob A.

We all sat in a restaurant waiting on our food looking at our phones. Not speaking. We weren’t mad at one another just not engaged.  We did put our technology away once our food arrived. So it wasn’t a totally bust.

But, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I treat others or view them. Also, I’ve thought about how others treat me and view me. Many times, I find that when others are speaking to me that  I’m bored, not engaged, and selfishly thinking of other things. I’m finding that I would rather sit quietly with my computer, or  iPhone, I know that I”m not alone. I often feel like other people do this to me when I speak to them. I deserve it most likely. Let’s be honest, I ramble. Ramblers today don’t survive in conversations because everyone is so used to getting information quickly, and in my case, by the time I finish a story, it’s old news.

I’ve learned so much from acting/improvisation.Being in the moment,


Yes and-ing and Listening

shopping (1)

These  three skills  have forever changed my life,  but I’m afraid sometimes that just isn’t enough. I need a good talking to. I need to get over my social media, technology, mentality,  unplug and spend time with people. Engaged, unselfishly, exhilarated that someone feels the need to share their life with me.  Technology is a great thing. I love my phone, my social media outlets, but I hope I never love those things as much as I love the people I get to share life with.

So if I am ignoring you during conversation, I give you permission to say PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE!

We Stumbled on an Alligator!

IMG_0806We are visiting Orlando, Fl with our daughter. She is attending Playlist Live, a you tube event. We decided that we would try to do some new things in orlando this week while here. We stumbled upon a nice little walk at Shingle Creek Management Area. It is located behind a school here in orlando. To our surprise we stumbled upon this guy and scared him back in the water. He was sunbathing.



When we first saw him, I asked my hubby “Is that real?, and then he moved right in the water. After that I wasn’t sure hiking in this area was good idea. Then, I began to question the sanity of a guy we saw in the parking lot with a kayak, and the parents whose kids attend this school. I hope they have an indoor playground.

We did venture on and boy am I glad we did. This was the result.




Hard to believe that the five times I’ve been to orlando that I missed this beautiful hike. Glad that we stumbled on it and tried something new.

Somewhere in a Hole


I love improv. I love talking about it, teaching it, doing it. It is playful, and creative.

I’ve been doing improv my whole life, I just didn’t know that is what it was called. I always tried to entertain people, make them feel good about themselves. pretend to be someonelse, have fake concerts, etc… MY imagination was wack early on because I didn’t have filters, and I could have cared less what people thought about me, with the exception of my parents of course. I only cared about that because I didn’t want to get in trouble.


My sister and I were entertaining our parents this day by running away from home (note the suitcase). We weren’t going far just across the street to my grandma’s house.

When I stumbled across improv at age 17 or 18. I was mesmerized by it. I use to watch the British version of whose line is it anyway on Comedy Centeral. Also, the sketch comedy on SNL never ceased to amaze me back in 80’s. I wanted to be apart of something like that.

Well, I got the chance. I was a member of a professional improv troupe for 6 years right in my home town. That is where the pic is from above. (pic featuring Fred Sayers, Lauren McPherson David Hitt and myself) I’ve never feel more accepted, and at home as much as I do when I am on an improv stage. I could do improv shows a million times and never tire of it. I feel like I’m where I need to be when I’m there.

I still do improv every chance I get. I will always do it. It may not be for millions of people, but I promise you that I will be somewhere in a hole.

Never Underestimate the Toughness of your High School Marching Band!!!




So with football season approaching, band camp is here for most band students. This is our third year to be in band camp and our last. Heidi is a senior. It has been amazing. We would have never made it through the sweat had we not been instructed by wonderful directors and parents at James Clemens High School.

Band kids are tough and work hard. I never really knew how hard until I became involved in the band program at my daughter’s school. Most people probably think that the band sits in chairs and just plays around learning music. This is just not true. There is learning to march and being in good shape to endure the rigorous programs they learn, and to endure the heat. Band kids are tough.

Here are some things that my daughter did to make it through band camp.

I thought I would pass this info on to anyone that might need it. Maybe it’s your first band camp. Hope this helps.

1. Water! Drink plenty water starting as soon as summer is here. Be well hydrated when you start and continue. We went to Walmart our first year and bought this.















2. Eat Breakfast before band camp. Protein based food are necessary for endurance.

3. Sunscreen.

4. Plenty of rest. You may think your kids are faking being tired after band camp, but it is just as difficult as any sporting event at our school. Let them sleep it off.

5.  Volunteer. The more volunteers you have the better your band program has the potential to be more awesome. The band program at our high school is top notch. The booster program is top notch as well. Get involved so you can understand how hard everyone around you is working from the kids all the way up to the director.

6. Water and when you think you’ve drank enough water, drink some more.

If you have any quesitosn about band, I will try to answer them. Post them in the comments below. Never underestimate the toughness of your High School Marching Band!!!

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