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Redbox Must Rent!

I am excited to announce that the movie I’ve talked about before on the blog, The Atoning is going to be going to Redbox. I  am over the moon as this is the very first movie  I worked on to be on Redbox. It’s no easy task to get an Indy film on Redbox these days, but when you have an awesome director like Michael Williams, incredible producers like Michael Williams, Daniel Wood, Michael LaCour, Joni Seitz, Sabrita Gordon, and David Roberson and an amazing cast and crew it happens. As Halloween approaches, if you need to get ready now is your time to watch this suspense thriller.

For your convenience, it will be on other platforms as well. Take a look at the graphic below. Thanks for reading my blog, and thanks in advance for supporting the Atoning.




Be Alive!


I’ve been working a lot lately, and I really do love my job.


I love the people I work with, and I love watching people learn about the




, presentimg_1606

and future of space travel.



I love meeting people from all over the world, and I love hearing stories of people that worked on getting man to the moon.

As much as I do love my job, I haven’t been doing a lot of creative work. I haven’t been feeding my inner artist. I haven’t been writing, improvising, and I really miss it.

Today, I headed out to the library, and I bought some used plays,

IMG_2452            IMG_2453

and I’m going to try to find some new monologues to begin to work on. I have dusted off my most recent screenplay and I’m going to get back to working on it. I’m trying to remind myself on a daily basis to feed the artist that lives inside of me. I don’t want to loose the skills that I’ve developed over the last twelve years.

Also, I am happier when I create.


As an artist, when you create, you feel more alive. So, I hope that soon, I will be back on stage, behind a camera, or in front of the camera giving the performance of my life. I hope that I can keep the creative candle burning. I hope I can always remember that whether I am working at my day job, or creating art that I effect people. I hope that I approach life not just barely existing, but alive.

FullSizeRender (4)


Mascot Days are Here Again!

Well, the secret at work must be out. This is me.


And This…


The secret must be out at work because on my schedule for next week. It says…

image1 (3)


Next Friday will be interesting.

Fail Big



The picture above is me with second city’s traveling improv team birthing two players. I went for the fence that night. It is something I will never forget. I was so afraid to mess up, but the guy under me and for the life of me I don’t even know his name. I owe so much to him for my success in improv.


I remember in improv rehearsal when  I heard the statement Fail Big for the first time. I was glad it was explained to me soon after I heard it. It was foreign to me because I had grown up playing sports my whole life, and I often heard about winning. Losing was looked on as a bad thing in that environment. I was above average in playing sports, but my determination made up for my lack of talent. However, I hated losing, until one day I was in an environment where failing was no longer negative.

What does Fail Big mean?

It means to push the limit as far as you can till it breaks. It means that you are able to have freedom in whatever you do because if you do fail you learn something. You have pushed the limits and boundaries and landed in a place that is not familiar to you. It’s uncomfortable, but in that moment of discomfort comes the beauty of your true nature.

So don’t be afraid Fail Big! Do Great Things!













Being a mom is the biggest honor that I’ve ever received.

I don’t talk about this a lot because I try to be sensitive to those women that are friends of mine that have had difficulties having babies. I hope today that you can forgive me if this finds you in a bad place about motherhood.

Back 22 years ago today, I was given a beautiful gift that weighed six pound three ounces. This was the first time that I would become mom.

After coming home from the hospital, I remember the day that everybody left me alone for the first time with this bundle of joy. I just sat and looked at her confused on what I was supposed to do with her.

The moment that I will never forget is the moment that I realized that she was my daughter and that if I wanted to wake her from a nap, or feed her early, or give her a bath that I could. I remember that day that I tried on every outfit that she had hanging in her closet that would fit her.

I realized that with that freedom also came a great responsibility.

With every stage of development of a child comes different joys, and struggles. I didn’t understand that very well at the beginning of motherhood. You think oh we learned to walk, but then reality sets in she’s mobile and can go anywhere.

As a mom I’ve learned that you have to accept whatever comes your way, and you have to navigate through the waters that flow. Sometimes it’s the land of butterflies, and ponies, and mermaids on a rock,

and other times, it’s  rain and thunder from the tears they cry.

Regardless of the season,  You have to know when to listen, and when to speak. You have to know when to encourage, and when to correct. You have to continually be supportive, and the hardest is when things don’t go as planned,

and when your kids don’t listen to you, you have to be humble and console. Your human nature wants to say I told so, but that will not help the relationship you want so badly.

I still sometimes struggle with making the right decision as a mom even though my kids are grown, but that is just part of the journey.

The flip side of the whole situation is through your victories, and your  mistakes, they learn how to navigate the world and deal with people. They learn things like how to be friends with people, how to have discussion without having to be right all the time, that you can love people and not always agree with them,  you can trust people, and  you can put your heart out there. They also learn thing like  people will let you down, people aren’t perfect, and regardless of good or bad, you can get through anything. Through learning all of that they can be assured that whenever one else isn’t there, and they feel alone that mom is only a phone call away. They learn at some point that you are not the enemy, but their biggest cheerleader.

I’ve learned so much about myself, and I wouldn’t have learned these things the way I did had I not become a mom. There are people that don’t have children that have learned things that I will never know. We all have our own path. My path included becoming a mom twice.

Today, I celebrate the birth of my first born who was a gift that I constantly thank God for. She is sassy and strong willed.

She is beautiful and smart.

She walks to the beat of her own drum.

She is stubborn as they come, but still a blessing beyond measure. I am so thankful to know her. She inspires me daily, and I love her so much.

Happy Birthday baby girl, even thought your far away tonight, you are in heart always. Know that I love watching you chase your dream with dedication and hard work.

Dancing at Lughnasa

I don’t know very many people that work as hard as you do. Thanks for making me a mom.

Love, mom.

I Left Part of My Heart in West Point, Mississippi.


Back in August of last year, I had the fortunate privilege to work on the feature film The Atoning with director Michael Williams of Shendopen Films.

Michael is an amazing writer, director and filmmaker.12249818_10101964167464716_8719927112880774132_n

He made my job somewhat simple because he communicated the vision of the film so well, and he had a hands on approach to making sure that the set design, wardrobe, and props were  exactly what he wanted. I had worked in the art department for several films, but this was my first as a production designer. I learned so much, and met so many new friends.

The production team was amazing as well. We just melted together. I would work with that crew a million times over.

This film was shot in West Point, Mississippi. I fell in love with the people of this town. They were so supportive of their local filmmaker, and so welcoming to those of us who were just visiting. I’ve never seen a community rally around, donate, volunteer, or support a filmmaker in this way. It was amazing to witness.

The Atoning will be screening right here in Huntsville on April 14th, 2017. You can get the info and tickets at this website.

Purchase Tickets

Some people leave their hearts in San Francisco, I left part of my heart in West Point, Mississippi.


No Small Job!



Working on a movie set can be fun, but it is also a lot of work. So many people that start out wanting to be in that environment don’t understand how things work. Here are a list of things you need to be if you are going to work on a movie set.

  1. Team Player- You must be able to work well with others and not just promote yourself. Don’t be dramatic- No one wants to work with someone who is always causing drama. Don’t be full of yourself.
  2. Hard Worker- You need to be constantly working on something. Until the director yells that’s a wrap.
  3. Flexible- Movie work is spread out over a period of time. So to do this as a job, you have to be available when you are needed.
  4. Be on time- The production will not wait on you. If you are late, someone else might be taking over your job.
  5. Don’t be a complainer- Be happy you get the opportunity to do the job you have been ask to do. Whether you are the star of the project, or a Production Assistant, count yourself fortunate to be involved. Don’t walk around talking about how tired you are. Everyone will be tired.
  6. If you are going to be over a department, be organized, and take pictures of everything.

Following these rules will help you keep getting work. There are no small jobs. Everyone is very important.

My First Sketch Project!


While doing improv one night several years ago, I came up with this sketch about a disappointing birthday. I ended up filming it in 2013. It became known as

The Birthday Party!

I had so much fun working on this project from start to finish. The beauty about this fun shoot was the ending changed on set. It was a beautiful process with a great cast, and crew. It was shot at a local studio in Huntsville called Hollywood Huntsville. Here are some  More  screen shots.

















Who Inspires You?


I have been inspired  by so many people in my life.

  1. My Family
  2. My Fifth Grade Teacher
  3. My Coaches when playing sports
  4. Athletes
  5. Artist

The list goes on. It seems just when I need inspiration, or a fresh perspective, someone comes along in my life to give me just what I need. Recently, I’ve been inspired by several people in social media. I’ve been inspired by their dedication to do things in a different way. Trail Blazers to a new era.

I’ve been following these guys on social media recently, and I am definitely inspired by each of them for different reasons. Although, everyone will not agree with every thing they promote, do, say, and some might be offend by the language ( I am warning you of that), but if you glean anything from these guys. I promise you will be inspired. So here is the list.


He has a blast wherever he goes. He’s quirky, and fun. I am reminded by watching his channel that fun is  important.  Thus, his channel is appropriately titled FunForLuis

You Tube

Casey Neistat is a creative filmmaker that has pushed film into a whole new dimension, and he uses the drone like no one I have seen. His edits are amazing, and his carefree state of mind is refreshing.

You Tube

Gary Vaynerchuk 

He is an author of several books, and an entrepreneurial extraordinaire. His willingness to share his content online for free to help other people achieve success is mind blowing.  His positive message, and his honest straight forward advice keeps me coming back day after day listening to advice on how to market myself in a changing world.

You Tube

I will making some definite changes on my social media, personal mission statement and my life to design what I believe will help me be successful in all that I aspire.Thanks guys for inspiring me to do great things.

Dancing at Lughnasa

12088063_1670025836543619_6040250171149882427_nI’m very excited to announce that starting tonight and through the weekend my oldest daughter will be playing Rose in UAB’s  Dancing at Lughnasa. I know she along with her cast mates have worked extremely hard on this. I wished that I could be close enough to attend every performance.You can find ticket info at the link below.


Break a leg Holly!!!!


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