In regards to the Smurfs and Trolls, they just make me happy. 

I love journaling. In my mind its a private blog. It’s a place that I can write things down as I process them. I love getting plain journals and collecting stickersto decorate   them. Here is my current journal. 

 On this journal, I have a couple band stickers. One is from my meet and greet with Ed Sheeran. 

And who wouldnt want to share a coke with this guy. 

 The Penetrators sticker is in memory of a friend who died from cancer. 

 Today, I got  stickers at a health fair for cancer awareness. I thought it would be apprpriate to place these stickers next to his. Also,  I thought it would honor all my family and friends that have fought cancer.

In regards to the Smurfs and Trolls, they just make me happy. 


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