Five Things I Like About Improv!


photo by Caleb McPherson


It’s a land of discovery. Every time that I step onto a stage or into a rehearsal. I learn more about my strength and struggles. This is the very reason why I keep coming back. Improv isn’t just about fun and games. It’s a place of sharing and vulnerability. It’s a place of confession and forgiveness. It’s a place that is honest and truthful. It’s a place for breaking down and building up again. A place where you gain confidence that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Here are five things that I like about improv. (realize that I have 100 more)

1. It accepts me for who I am.

I don’t have to change one physical thing about me. I don’t have to be taller, or skinnier to do improv. I can come in as who I am and become skinner if I deem it so.

2. It has given me confidence to do all of those things I think and talk myself out of.

I was one of those kids that would blurt out whatever and would find myself being told to sit on the couch thinking about what I had done. Improv let’s me dance all over the line of etiquette. It let’s me say those things that otherwise I would not have a place to say them.

3. It has taught me to attempt things that I never thought of.

When someone else comes on stage with you and gives you an idea, sometimes you are taken by surprise. It’s very exciting when this happens.  It’s not always been the case. I used to be very afraid of the thought of not knowing everything.

4. It has reestablished trust in people that I had lost on the stage.

You have to have the trust or the audience will know. Being able to have another person you can 100% count on, is the best feeling in the world.

5. It has pushed me to become a better listener.

I love to talk. I mean LOVE to talk. I don’t run over people on purpose. I have decided that my nervous habit is talking. Some people bite their nails, I talk. So any movement towards listening is an improvement for me. If I’m listening in a scene it is a great compliment to my scene partner because it most likely means that I’m relaxed and engaged.

No matter if you are a CEO or actor wanting to broaden youR horizons. Improv can help you be a better you.

Spring on Monte Sano!

If you have read any of my social media lately, you know that we have moved on top of a mountain. It’s getting warmer now and this has allowed me to begin to explore a little more. Here are some pictures of my first day out in the spring. The above photo is a picture of some wildflowers that are everywhere on top of the moutain. The purple stands out so much among the brow and green backdrop.

This picture is on the old reailroad trail that went up the mountain in the late 1800’s.     

This is another picture of the water that runs all through the trail.

If you look closely in this picture you will sse iron ore on the rock.    This was my favorite picture of the day. This tree looked like a big hand trying to hold on to the soil. It was growing sideways out of the bank.

So much more to see here. It is just beautiful.

A Little Easter Craft

I decided that i would make a little Easter craft for my window. 

I tool all of this.  

And made this. 



Mother in Laws

Some people shutter at those three little words. Mother in Laws have a lot of power. How they use this power can be the success or failure of a marriage. Some people despise the day they married their husband because they also married into a family that has a mother. That mother is controlling and still wants to be the woman in her son’s life.

I haven’t had that experience before. I attribute this to several reasons.

1. I met my mother in law before I met my husband. We use to hang out and singles activities all the time. We like each other.

2. My husband refused to be the go between. I

3. We decided early on that if we had a problem with each other, we would handle it one or two ways.

1. get over it and let it go.

2. Talk about it and come to a solution.

It has gone well. This past Christmas, my mother in law gave me this necklace.


The message says it all. I know she means every word. Today is my mother in laws birthday. I’m glad I got to meet her, and I’m glad that she allowed me to marry her son. Happy Birthday Mavis!!!!!!

A little throw back Thursday!!!

My senior year in high school in 1987 at a pep rally!!!! Go Rattlers!!!!

Do you want to build a snowman?


car picToday, I will start today’s post off by saying. I need this post more than anyone else that is reading it. I feel horrible as I think about how this subject and how due to it that I may have impacted people in a derogatory manner.

Yesterday’s lunch with my family is a perfect example.

steak and shake

This photo is a courtesy of Yelp and Rob A.

We all sat in a restaurant waiting on our food looking at our phones. Not speaking. We weren’t mad at one another just not engaged.  We did put our technology away once our food arrived. So it wasn’t a totally bust.

But, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I treat others or view them. Also, I’ve thought about how others treat me and view me. Many times, I find that when others are speaking to me that  I’m bored, not engaged, and selfishly thinking of other things. I’m finding that I would rather sit quietly with my computer, or  iPhone, I know that I”m not alone. I often feel like other people do this to me when I speak to them. I deserve it most likely. Let’s be honest, I ramble. Ramblers today don’t survive in conversations because everyone is so used to getting information quickly, and in my case, by the time I finish a story, it’s old news.

I’ve learned so much from acting/improvisation.Being in the moment,


Yes and-ing and Listening

shopping (1)

These  three skills  have forever changed my life,  but I’m afraid sometimes that just isn’t enough. I need a good talking to. I need to get over my social media, technology, mentality,  unplug and spend time with people. Engaged, unselfishly, exhilarated that someone feels the need to share their life with me.  Technology is a great thing. I love my phone, my social media outlets, but I hope I never love those things as much as I love the people I get to share life with.

So if I am ignoring you during conversation, I give you permission to say PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE!

Face Licking!

In the light of the snow, we had recently, I thought I would share a snow memory of my own.

My parents were great at making memories with my sister and I. We had the best childhood. We moved to the country when I was eight years old. We always had animals, Dogs, cats, lizards and field mice. ((These were not welcomed pets, but we had them nonetheless because we lived near cotton fields). We had beagles and labs. Sugar was by far my favorite dog that we owned. She was so smart. She would fetch other hunters game for my dad when she went hunting with him. He would then give it to the appropriate hunter. She loved playing fetch. She was good listener. She took plenty of my heartaches with her to the grave. She would sit with me on outside, and I would tell her how some boy had broken my heart. She seemed to always make me feel better. Here’s a picture of her with my oldest daughter. 


Most of the time she was so gentle, but some days she was rowdy and wanted to to play.

One day, when I was about fourteen, I was building a snowman in our front yard. I just about finished it when Sugar came jetting towards me and ran right through the snowman and came back and tackled me and preceded to lick my face. How could I be mad at her after that. She was an amazing dog. I miss her so much.

Let’s play What’s in your Curio Cabinet?

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