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Working on a movie set can be fun, but it is also a lot of work. So many people that start out wanting to be in that environment don’t understand how things work. Here are a list of things you need to be if you are going to work on a movie set.

  1. Team Player- You must be able to work well with others and not just promote yourself. Don’t be dramatic- No one wants to work with someone who is always causing drama. Don’t be full of yourself.
  2. Hard Worker- You need to be constantly working on something. Until the director yells that’s a wrap.
  3. Flexible- Movie work is spread out over a period of time. So to do this as a job, you have to be available when you are needed.
  4. Be on time- The production will not wait on you. If you are late, someone else might be taking over your job.
  5. Don’t be a complainer- Be happy you get the opportunity to do the job you have been ask to do. Whether you are the star of the project, or a Production Assistant, count yourself fortunate to be involved. Don’t walk around talking about how tired you are. Everyone will be tired.
  6. If you are going to be over a department, be organized, and take pictures of everything.

Following these rules will help you keep getting work. There are no small jobs. Everyone is very important.


Hard to keep up with the tech  app surge that has happened in recent months. Pokemon Go, Instagram Stories, Facebook Marketplace etc. New apps, updated old apps. When you realize that you can use these apps to market yourself or a business all over the world. It can become overwhelming, time consuming What is one to do?

According to this article on Tech Crunch more are on the way. It’s a fast pace tech world we live in. I myself was peer pressured by my kids to download Pokemon Go.


However, I secretly think that the app is not a bad idea. Here is why.

  1. It gets kids outside with their friends again. My  college age  daughter told me her friends now call each other and meet each other to hunt Pokemon.
  2. Being a nerd is finally cool. Let’ s face it, Collecting Pokemon card may not have been popular thing when they first came out. Learning all the data for the cards, going to bookstores to Pokemon groups, but all of that knowledge is now going to pay off.
  3. It is a great form of exercise, if you actually use it correctly. You could walk for miles in a day looking for these darn things.
  4. It is keeping me in my college kids lives. When she came home for a visit recently, she asked me to go hunt Pokemon with her. IMG_6438

Say what you will, but things are about to change the way we do things after someone with more brain power than I have figures out how to use this kind of app.

What app is the next big thing?


Networking, Graditude, and Hard Work!

My First Sketch Project!


While doing improv one night several years ago, I came up with this sketch about a disappointing birthday. I ended up filming it in 2013. It became known as

The Birthday Party!

I had so much fun working on this project from start to finish. The beauty about this fun shoot was the ending changed on set. It was a beautiful process with a great cast, and crew. It was shot at a local studio in Huntsville called Hollywood Huntsville. Here are some  More  screen shots.

















Who Inspires You?


I have been inspired  by so many people in my life.

  1. My Family
  2. My Fifth Grade Teacher
  3. My Coaches when playing sports
  4. Athletes
  5. Artist

The list goes on. It seems just when I need inspiration, or a fresh perspective, someone comes along in my life to give me just what I need. Recently, I’ve been inspired by several people in social media. I’ve been inspired by their dedication to do things in a different way. Trail Blazers to a new era.

I’ve been following these guys on social media recently, and I am definitely inspired by each of them for different reasons. Although, everyone will not agree with every thing they promote, do, say, and some might be offend by the language ( I am warning you of that), but if you glean anything from these guys. I promise you will be inspired. So here is the list.


He has a blast wherever he goes. He’s quirky, and fun. I am reminded by watching his channel that fun is  important.  Thus, his channel is appropriately titled FunForLuis

You Tube

Casey Neistat is a creative filmmaker that has pushed film into a whole new dimension, and he uses the drone like no one I have seen. His edits are amazing, and his carefree state of mind is refreshing.

You Tube

Gary Vaynerchuk 

He is an author of several books, and an entrepreneurial extraordinaire. His willingness to share his content online for free to help other people achieve success is mind blowing.  His positive message, and his honest straight forward advice keeps me coming back day after day listening to advice on how to market myself in a changing world.

You Tube

I will making some definite changes on my social media, personal mission statement and my life to design what I believe will help me be successful in all that I aspire.Thanks guys for inspiring me to do great things.

Dreaming and the Follow Through!

I will say it. I have and always will be a dreamer. I know sometimes people think I am out of mind, and it use to bother me, but as I get older, it doesn’t bother that much anymore. If we don’t have dreams and hopes, what do we have left?


Having dreams and following them are two different things. Recently, as shared in my book that I’m selling through, Amazon, Minimalism: My Journey To A Simpler Lifesometimes you don’t know how long following certain dreams will last.

However, I don’t feel there is anything wrong with dreaming, and following through on those dreams. I have played it safe most of my life. I have done what is expected of me. I have met many people’s expectations. Sometimes, I have to expect things of myself, and I have to do what I expect of myself. Sometimes, it works out and I get to experience things like this.


I believe that sometimes you have to be selfish and make yourself happy so that others around you can find their happy place. This kind of selfishness is really something I hope will benefit the people in my circle of influence, and begin to establish a great legacy for those that come behind me.


Susan Messing Ted Talk on Improv!


I love tunnels because they bring me back to my childhood. Every time we went through a tunnel, our family would honk the horn, or yell. Recently, I got my husband in on the fun as we passed several tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here is the tunnel around Little Switzerland, NC. There are 25 tunnels according to Wikipedia on the North Carolina side of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Institute this in your family, unless of course there is a sign posted that says no honking of the ole car horn.

Staunton, Va: Hidden Jewel in the Shenandoah Valley

Recently took a trip to Staunton, Virgina. It was not planned. On our trip around the country, we were headed back to the blue ridge parkway to our campsite and Eric saw a sign about the American Shakespeare Center. I had to go of course, and he agreed. So the next morning after cleaning up the camp, we visited this little city. This is a picture of the main street downtown. It’s very quaint and artsy.


Right around the corner, we found the theater.


We decided to stay overnight so that we could tour the theater the next day. For five days prior, we stayed at a campground in the rain, and finally the sun was shining. After driving up to a dispersed campground in the area, and hearing thunder, we drove back down to the city and after much consideration stayed in a hotel. This was the first time in 10 weeks that we stayed at a hotel. The Stonewall Jackson Hotel was beautiful, the staff was friendly, and we got some very good rest there.


I toured the theater the next day, and got to watch a part of a dress rehearsal of King Lear after the tour. The actors were great, This was an old school experience. Not sound system to project the actor’s voices. There are audience seats on the stage, and the actors play 4 different characters every week for a whole season. There were several pictures in the upstairs balcony that were phenomenal. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable as she was getting a Master’s degree in Shakespeare at the local University.

Staunton is also the birthplace of the Woodrow Wilson. His presidential library is not far from the hotel and theater.


We also ate some pretty reasonable priced food there. Pizza by the slice at Shenandoah Pizza.


Pho at the local Snapdraggon Pho restaurant and great coffee and bagels at By and By  Cafe.

The glimpse at the buildings in this town defined it’s rich history. It has been a highlight in our travels for me.

The Southern Casting Call

The Southern Casting Call


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