50 Feet of Lights On.

This guy loves sitting on the back porch.


We finally went and got lights for the back patio. Christmas decorations being out early really paid off. The are a lot brighter than I thought. 50 feet of led lights and 1 deck later


James Clemens Drumline!!!

My daughter’s high school band always participates in an event every year called the North Alabama Percussion Preview. It is my favorite event all year. I thought I would share it with all of you. Enjoy. She is the one on the end playing the tenors.

LEGO Movie Review!

Before I begin, I just want to say that ever who came up with Redbox is a genius.

After finishing up watching the TV series Chuck for the second time, I am finally catching up on some movies. I used my free red box rental on the Lego Movie.

My general reaction to the film was it was okay, but I’m glad I didn’t watch it at the theater. I was surprised because everyone just went on and on about how they liked it.

There were some elements in the movie that where great. I loved seeing all the characters. Batman and the spaceship builder were by far my favorites. I loved the spaceship builders excitement and his dramatic disappointment moments. I loved the happy land for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called, and I’m just not inclined to look it up. I loved the Awesome song by Tegan and Sara.My daughter listens to them. If you didn’t like the awesome song, give them another chance. The band is pretty good.

There wasn’t really anything horrible about the movie, I just didn’t laugh as hard as I wanted to, and I just found the storyline a bit boring. The end was a bit surprising.

I just give this movie a B. It was okay.


A Kid and a Smile makes a mom feel good.


Heidi was always a happy kid.The picture above was before my parents built their house at Smith Lake in their trailer. The kids loved jumping on that bed.

Seeing my kiddo smile makes me feel good.


even if Heidi had just text pranked Holly.


Heidi at a ballgame this year, and I love love love seeing my kids enjoying what they are doing. A kid and a smile make a mom feel good!!!

Guilt and Shame have No Place!!!



This was me before I knew the definition of guilt. Oh how I long for that feeling of innocence. Oh, how I wish a million times that my view of life wasn't jaded in regards to church and religon, and how I wish a million times that I didn't know what guilt felt like.

I was reading this article today, and at first, I thought it didn't apply to me,



After i got toward the end of the article, I realized it was very applicable. After leaving the pursuit for Christian ministry after over 20 years finding a balance is very difficult. I am beginning to be able to breathe a little with less guilt.

Sometimes stepping away from something you've been involved in your whole life gives you a different perspective and an understanding of the situation. Stepping away from ministry in the church, has brought me clarity in the area of friendship, family, and my faith. It has allowed me to continue my journey of faith without ghastly expectations and pressure that leads to that same road of guilt and shame that i've already travelled.

Don't think that all of my church/religion experience was horrible, It is because of that experience with God that I am able to walk away from church ministry and still hold on to the faith I have in Christ and the hope I have that God is real and working in my life to make me more like him.

The grace of the fellowship that we are a part of currently has been healing as well. Finding a place where people accept where you are in your life, and love you anyway is a big blessing.

I don't know what is in store for me and the fam, but I have come to the conclusion that no matter what lies ahead for us that guilt and shame have no place.

Somewhere in a Hole


I love improv. I love talking about it, teaching it, doing it. It is playful, and creative.

I’ve been doing improv my whole life, I just didn’t know that is what it was called. I always tried to entertain people, make them feel good about themselves. pretend to be someonelse, have fake concerts, etc… MY imagination was wack early on because I didn’t have filters, and I could have cared less what people thought about me, with the exception of my parents of course. I only cared about that because I didn’t want to get in trouble.


My sister and I were entertaining our parents this day by running away from home (note the suitcase). We weren’t going far just across the street to my grandma’s house.

When I stumbled across improv at age 17 or 18. I was mesmerized by it. I use to watch the British version of whose line is it anyway on Comedy Centeral. Also, the sketch comedy on SNL never ceased to amaze me back in 80’s. I wanted to be apart of something like that.

Well, I got the chance. I was a member of a professional improv troupe for 6 years right in my home town. That is where the pic is from above. (pic featuring Fred Sayers, Lauren McPherson David Hitt and myself) I’ve never feel more accepted, and at home as much as I do when I am on an improv stage. I could do improv shows a million times and never tire of it. I feel like I’m where I need to be when I’m there.

I still do improv every chance I get. I will always do it. It may not be for millions of people, but I promise you that I will be somewhere in a hole.

Never AS Good


This morning I made the biscuits above. It made me think of my grandma. She is on the right. My great grandmother is on the left.


Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have all of my grandparents alive. My mom’s mother was one of the most precious women you would have ever met. She was so strong and loving. She loved everyone she met. She was a very respectful of human life. No matter who she met, she would always treat everyone the same. She passed away some time ago. I miss her terriblely.

I have a lot of memories about her. Singing Christmas songs (her favorite holiday). Her taking me for a cheeseburger. Working in the garden with her, and I must admit, she would last way longer than I would.

One my most fondest memories of going to her house was walking in and seeing a tan bowl with burgundy stripes sitting on the table with a lid on it. In that bowl 99% of the time there were homemade biscuits. I have made biscuits my whole life, but I have yet to ever make them to taste as good as hers.

Christopher Columbus watch out.


For the last two days, we decided to get out of the house and take a drive. On Sunday, we drove to Fresh Market and picked up some tasty root beer. I chose Abita. It’s a root beer from Louisiana. It is the best root beer I’ve ever tasted. We picked up a some food items and headed out towards south Huntsville. We had no idea where we ere going, but we ended up at ditto landing.

Ditto landing is local campgrougn/marina. It was more beautiful than I ancipated. Nice view of the Tennessee River. We sat on bench and drank our root beer, it was a nice discovery. We are even talking about going back there and camping sometime.

Yesterday, we did the same thing, but went in a different direction. we started in Huntsville drove around Monte Sano mountain and north from there to Belvedere, Tn. We stopped at a store in Woodville, Alabama, and you knew you were in the country. We needed to fill up our tank and the guy was so relaxed about it. Hubby filled the tank, and I went in to pay. (There was no card reader. ) I went in to tell him we were filling up, and he is already waving at my husband out the window to go ahead. He said. I got you started maam. So kind. There were several old timers sitting round chewing the fat, and you just knew you were in the country. It was awesome..

It was a beautiful area. There is one section of that area that has a bluff. The view was stunning. It was nice to travel and find out more about the area I live in. Not knocking travel world wide, but adventure really awaits you outside your own front door. Sometimes, you have to just discover it. You might be the next Christopher Columbous. Christopher Columbus watch out.

We’ve only just begun!!! (Roll Tide)


It has begun the 2014 football season. I have tried to deny how passionate I am about football season. I’ve tried to suppress that it is not important to me, but I just can’t. I realized this after I lost it at high school football game last night. To many penalaties. I know it’s just a game. I know I’m a southern lady, and I should be more proper, but Yall…

People make fun of fans like me because I root for a college team where I didn’t go to college. I could get into a deep explanation, but I don’t feel the need. I”m an Alabama fan, and I’ve been fan since I was about 5 so almost 40 years. So judge me, talk about me, post a comment here. All I’ll reply is Roll Tide.

For all you avid fans, no matter who you root for, enjoy tomorrow. We’ve only just begun.


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