Balancing Out the Tarantino’s of this World.


Been doing a good bit of writing lately, unfortunately it has cut down my blog writing considerable.

However, I read an article today about the making of Pulp Fiction, I was truly inspired by the article in Vanity Fair. Even thought Pulp Fiction is bit to dark for me, I can appreciate that it challenged script writing everywhere, and it still does.

In the article, it talked about how Tarantino wrote what he wanted. That concept really made me think about what I like to write about. I really think that I want to be known for this edgy writer who takes chances and reeks havoc in people’s souls, but that is not who I am at all.

I love the marshmallows in lucky charms, rainbows, butterflies, happy happy stuff. My favorite movie is The Princess Bride. I mean come on, it doesn’t get much happier than that. I think of some of my favorite movies are Hook, the Goonies, The Holiday, Sleepless in Seatle, When Harry met Sally, You got Mail, the list spews on with Happy lovey dovey, ooey gooey, let me throw up in my mouth a little for the average person.,but I love love love happy endings. I swear if Hallmark would hire me, I would make them millions.

I’m learning that who I am, and what I like to write about is okay I don’t have to rip people brains out, or make them cringe to create beautiful writing. I can appreciate other things. I mean I love a good action movie, but when it come to writing I just feel that somebody has to balance out the Tarantino’s in this world.

Whole New World!


Tomorrow, I’m stepping into the world that’s new to me in several ways.

1. I will be doing voice over work for a commercial. So excited. I was told if you can’t find work, create your own work and find your place in it. So, that’s what I did.

2. I will be assistant director for the commercial we will record in Birmingham.

3. I will watch the words of the script that I helped write come to life. Wow.

4. Most of all, I’m looking forward to getting to work with some old pals that I haven’t seen in awhile. Cast your friends if you can.

All in all, pretty good stuff.

Flaming Popcorn!!!

Corporate or Private Improv Shows


Are you looking for entertainment for your upcoming event? An improv show is an exciting and fun addition to fit all of your entertainment needs. WeMo Productions will provide a group of professional improv players to preform games that will include your guest suggestions. Please contact me for scheduling and pricing at

Paint the Whole World Pink!


October is Breast Cancer awareness month. You will see pink everywhere. Pink is my favorite color so that makes me pretty happy.

When I saw the above travel trailer at Madison RV, I had to share it. I share it not only because it’s pink, but also because as much as we hate it, we need to make sure we are aware that cancer is mean. But, sometimes if it is caught early enough, you can beat the mess out of it. One of my good friends did just that. She caught it early, and now is cancer free.

I would paint the whole world pink if I knew it would save a life. So go get checked. It is well worth your time.

50 Feet of Lights On.

This guy loves sitting on the back porch.


We finally went and got lights for the back patio. Christmas decorations being out early really paid off. The are a lot brighter than I thought. 50 feet of led lights and 1 deck later


James Clemens Drumline!!!

My daughter’s high school band always participates in an event every year called the North Alabama Percussion Preview. It is my favorite event all year. I thought I would share it with all of you. Enjoy. She is the one on the end playing the tenors.

LEGO Movie Review!

Before I begin, I just want to say that ever who came up with Redbox is a genius.

After finishing up watching the TV series Chuck for the second time, I am finally catching up on some movies. I used my free red box rental on the Lego Movie.

My general reaction to the film was it was okay, but I’m glad I didn’t watch it at the theater. I was surprised because everyone just went on and on about how they liked it.

There were some elements in the movie that where great. I loved seeing all the characters. Batman and the spaceship builder were by far my favorites. I loved the spaceship builders excitement and his dramatic disappointment moments. I loved the happy land for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called, and I’m just not inclined to look it up. I loved the Awesome song by Tegan and Sara.My daughter listens to them. If you didn’t like the awesome song, give them another chance. The band is pretty good.

There wasn’t really anything horrible about the movie, I just didn’t laugh as hard as I wanted to, and I just found the storyline a bit boring. The end was a bit surprising.

I just give this movie a B. It was okay.


A Kid and a Smile makes a mom feel good.


Heidi was always a happy kid.The picture above was before my parents built their house at Smith Lake in their trailer. The kids loved jumping on that bed.

Seeing my kiddo smile makes me feel good.


even if Heidi had just text pranked Holly.


Heidi at a ballgame this year, and I love love love seeing my kids enjoying what they are doing. A kid and a smile make a mom feel good!!!


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