I salute anyone who can plank for 2 minutes.


The other night, while getting ice cream, we ran into a friend of ours, Matt. He has always been in shape.  I want to be as motivated as he is, and he did inspire me a lit bit the other night. He was talking about planking for 2 minutes. My competitive nature kicked in, and I decided to see how long I could plank. So, I laid down on the floor, and my hubby got his timer out. I planked for a whopping 27 seconds. I just couldn’t hold on. It was a failure in my mind. It just is another indicator of how bad of shape I’m in. Some people would tell me that it wasn’t a failure because I tried.

I wasn’t raised that way, and I didn’t raise my kids that way. If I lost, I lost. If they lost, they lost. I see kids all the time that never understand what it means to lose, or if they lose they are told it just a game. Maybe I’m unhealthy in my thinking, but kids need to learn to lose. They need to learn to win graciously, but lose graciously as well.  I played sports my whole life. My senior softball season was a rebuild year for the school, and we lost every game. The score for one of our games was 28-0 before they called it.  I was upset that day. I never wanted to feel what I felt there again, but I learned something that day. I’m going to share it with you here.

Here is why I believe it is important to lose.

1. It builds character.

2. It ignites a fire within you to never feel the way you feel at that moment again.  Develops passion.

3. It gives a chance for someone else to win. Teaches appreciation.

4. It gives an opportunity to learn how to lose graciously.  Teaches kindness.

5. it gives opportunity to learn that someone will always be better than you. Teaches humility.


I’m sure that if I thought about it, I could come up with a dozen more reasons why losing is good, but I’ll  stop at five now. The competitive spirit motivates me to be better. I’ll keep taking what I’m calling the planking challenge, and maybe just maybe I’ll get up to 2 minutes one day, but for now, I salute anyone who can plank for 2 min.


Learning the hard way.


Working on a movie set may sound glamorous, but no matter what job you have, it’s really fun, but a lot of work. Last year (2013), I worked on 9 movie projects. I did everything from writing to script supervising to directing. My projects were small scale. Even though that was the case, it was a lot of work. Most of the films were 1-2 days worth of shooting.

The more I do film work, the more I realize there is so much I don’t know. There is so much that I don’t even think about yet. The more I read, study and engulf myself into the world of film, the more I realize why this is called art. I realize why this is called a craft.

Filmmaking is someone taking their thoughts or someone else’s thoughts, ideas, beliefs and trying to interpret them in the truest way possible.

I have followed a film all the way from conception to completion. It is a beautiful process, and I’ve learned so much by doing that.

The point of all that is to say that anyone can point a camera and push a button, but making art requires dedication and hard work. Just because you own a pole does not mean you are a good fisherman.

I have learned this the hard way.

Weird Al!!! Enjoy!!!

I grew up in the 80’s. Weird Al was a sensation back then, and he still is today. Here is his latest song. Enjoy.

Can I ever be that brilliant?




I was reading the above article about the filming of When Harry Met Sally, and I was blown away by what the director did. It’s funny the small elements we miss in the making of a fim, but part of the job of the Director is to know every beat, every moment of the script and capture that vision in the storyboard so that they can share that vision with the DP and make the movie they want to make. They do this while adding strokes of genius to their story, with brilliant shot ideas and different underlying themes.

Whether or not these moments of genius are on purpose or accident, it doesn’t really matter. It leaves an amateur writer and director speechless and left wondering if I can ever be that brilliant.

Never Underestimate the Toughness of your High School Marching Band!!!




So with football season approaching, band camp is here for most band students. This is our third year to be in band camp and our last. Heidi is a senior. It has been amazing. We would have never made it through the sweat had we not been instructed by wonderful directors and parents at James Clemens High School.

Band kids are tough and work hard. I never really knew how hard until I became involved in the band program at my daughter’s school. Most people probably think that the band sits in chairs and just plays around learning music. This is just not true. There is learning to march and being in good shape to endure the rigorous programs they learn, and to endure the heat. Band kids are tough.

Here are some things that my daughter did to make it through band camp.

I thought I would pass this info on to anyone that might need it. Maybe it’s your first band camp. Hope this helps.

1. Water! Drink plenty water starting as soon as summer is here. Be well hydrated when you start and continue. We went to Walmart our first year and bought this.















2. Eat Breakfast before band camp. Protein based food are necessary for endurance.

3. Sunscreen.

4. Plenty of rest. You may think your kids are faking being tired after band camp, but it is just as difficult as any sporting event at our school. Let them sleep it off.

5.  Volunteer. The more volunteers you have the better your band program has the potential to be more awesome. The band program at our high school is top notch. The booster program is top notch as well. Get involved so you can understand how hard everyone around you is working from the kids all the way up to the director.

6. Water and when you think you’ve drank enough water, drink some more.

If you have any quesitosn about band, I will try to answer them. Post them in the comments below. Never underestimate the toughness of your High School Marching Band!!!

New Chocolate and Goat Cheese!!!

Tonight’s blogging event by Rocket City Bloggers was great fun. Great food, diverse group of people, and great prizes.

photo 3 (3)









First of all, thanks to the Space and Rocket Center for hosting our get together. It was so much fun.  I should never get use  this. Even though, I have seen it a billion times. It’s ginormous.

photo 5








Again, shout out to the Space and Rocket Center!!!! Visit them, and educators talk to Rebecca Freeman at the Space and Rocket Center for events and classes. Especially you homeschool folks. They are doing some great things.

It was good to see my friends David Hitt and Rebecca Freeman tonight. I loved catching up with you guys.

David has written a couple of books about space and has some great astronaut stories. http://storiesinmypocket.wordpress.com/

After talking to them, I saw my friend Collier Ward. He is an Architect. http://thousandstory.com/

It was cool to hear how he is dabbling in writing and film making.

I went around and took this little pic for the instagram contest.

photo 4









and I met Alyson

photo 3









I’m look forward to checking out her blog http://thebestpictureproject.wordpress.com/


She gave me some great movie suggestions.

After talking to her, I ran into the ladies of Pizzelle’s chocolate.  http://pizzellesconfections.com/  I declared them my best friends, and even though we will always be friends ladies. I can’t wait to tell you who I met next.

photo 3 (2)











Did you know that there was a goat cheese farm in Elkmont called Belle Chevre Goats? Find out all you need to know about it here. http://www.bellechevre.com/

Can you say next day trip. Yeah me!!! If you can’t tell, I’m super excited about this. The girl in the picture was so sweet. She is freelance writer, and we talked for awhile. I didn’t get her info for some reason. She was super nice though.

I met Lauren of Rocket City Broadcasting.

photo 2










What a beautiful lady. She is a dancer as well. Her hair was beautiful. I loved talking to her. And I think she will be a great blogger.

I also met these two ladies

photo 1










They are both business women. They both are establishing fresh root type business, and I love that. I couldn’t find the link to their businesses, but I’m sure if you ask around, someone will know.

The lady on the left is Regina Miller and her business is Regina Miller Talent Management.

The lady on the right is LeJeune and her business is the Alabama Fashion Alliance. I do remember her telling me that they have a place they meet downtown.

I enjoyed briefly meeting and snapping this picture of Bo Williams. Look forward to exploring his blog as well. http://bowilliams.com/

photo 4










Also, I met Dennis Norton. He does property management at www.rocketcitypropertymanagement.com

I love meeting people and experiencing new things. Maybe you can make the next event. As I was walking out, I met C.C. Fridlin a culinary instructor.  www.cookingwithcc.com

It was a great night. I’m look forward to new adventures including new chocolate and goat cheese.





Yes, I said Chevette!!!


These people in a Chevette!!! We were all much smaller then.

I was looking at campground websites today for work. It really made me want to go camping. I love camping. I love it because you make some great memories while spending time in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

One time, my dad, mom, sis and I went camping, and it came a big storm. Just as the words rolled out of my dad’s mouth “don’t touch the top of the tent”, someone touched the top of the tent. Everything we had was soaked. We ended up sleeping in our Chevette that night. When we got up the next morning, dad was missing. We found him in the tent lying on our stand along hammock with water dripping off of his nose while he snored loudly. The Chevette and hammock are long gone, but that memory of our soaked blue tent will be forever. I’m thankful my parents took us on vacations that were memorable. Yes, I said Chevette!!!

Life’s Little Jabs


Today, senior portrait day!!! My heart is breaking. I know what is ahead. In a very short time, I will be an empty nester. I have so many mixed emotions right now. Here are a few pics from today. I love you Heidi. I’m proud of you.






Connect! A Rocket City Blogger Event!



I am excited that I found this group. I love blogging, and I love knowing that my community supports bloggers .


The group has an event coming up that is designed to connect bloggers and businesses. The info is in the above pic. Thanks to all the sponsors for this event. I’m looking forward to meeting some new blogging friends. You can find out more about the Rocket City Bloggers here. www.rocketcitybloggers.com/


For Your Viewing Pleasure!!!

Today, I watched the Oprah/Dave Chappelle interview. Whether you like either one of these two people or not, the interview has good advice for those seeking to go into the entertainment industry. I gleaned two things from the interview. In all honesty, these bits of wisdom can apply to anyone.  1. Surround yourself with a group of people that are willing to be honest with you, but at the same time, honestly care about you. 2. People will constantly ask you to do things you may be uncomfortable with, know what you believe, and don’t comprise that for that sake of $$$$ or fame.

If you considering being an entertainer on any level, good rules to follow. I’ve posted the interview for you viewing pleasure.



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