The White Haired Beauty – Christmas Memories 2

Heidi has always been adorable. In this picture, she got the gift that was the gift of the year a tickle me Elmo.


We still have it.

One Christmas it came a nice snow, and my parents came over. My dad made them a a trash can lid sled.


Heidi’s musical journey began before she was born. When we would go to church when the choir sang, she would beat the inside of my stomach to death. She has gotten so many musical instruments for Christmas. Here is her with her Barney guitar.


Her Blue’s clues radio.


One of my favorite Christmas pics was her being Randy from a Christmas Story.


She is my white haired beauty. I love you Heidi.

Some Things Never Change!

Since Christmas time is approaching, I would post some past memories of Christmas’ gone by.



In this picture, Holly is getting the Fisher Price Farm. When she opened it, she exclaimed “We got the farm. We got the farm.”  You would have thought we got 100 acres and 100 horses. She was so excited.



In this picture, Holly is experiencing snow for the first time.  She ran all over that yard. My sister and I drove twenty minutes to our mom and dad’s house  just so Holly could see snow. Again, she was so excited.

I guess some things never change. She still reacts the same way to presents and snow. Love you Holly.

That’s So Wendy: Frustration: or I was attacked by a ninja printer.

A Christmas Story!

In the eighth grade, my science teacher showed us the movie, the mother movie of all times. Yes A Christmas Story!!! As in You’ll shoot your eye out, as in stuck stuck stuck, as in FUDGE,  as in Red Ryder Carbine Action two hundred shot range model air rifle.I fell in love and was deemed by friend Stephanie to be Ralphie, she was flick. Stephanie is singing into the curling iron. The tall one. My friend Stacy is in the middle.


We quoted that movie years to come after that. I usually watch that movie way before now, but for some reason, maybe my job now that I’m working a 9 to 5, Tonight is going to be the night. I’m going home and put on my Ralphie Robe.


Sit down and enjoy. So excited I can’t stand it. This is a tradition for me. What Holiday  traditions do you have?

Check out Heidi’s new project.

Friends please check out my daughters new project, and other music she has done,

Heidi on Band Camp

Long Form!!

Great article by a improv professional.


This is a picture of my grandmother (right) and great grandmother (left)
My grandmother used to listen to these songs.


I’m not sure it is the same album she had, but it reminds me so much of her. I believe that I miss her most this time of year. She was an angel. She was sweet, kind and loving. Everyone should have had the privilege of knowing her.

Adios Amigo!!!

Improv Update

photo 1

What a great time I had this weekend with some of my improv buddies at Grounded Coffee in Madison Al. I was a part of four improv shows there. We had a fun time, and the audiences were spectacular. Fred was the man of many hats. I love  working with Fred Sayers. If you haven’t, you should. It’s a treat.

Here is another buddy taking it all in.  Eugene Banks. He is quite the ring leader of this circus. He always does way more than his share.

photo 1 copy

Here’s my buddy Fred again with our friend Steve. I can’t tell you what a joy it is to play with him. Steve I just want you to know that I love Pittsburg.

photo 3

My buddy Matt drove all the way down from Tenn. just to hang out with us old timers. He is quite the multiple character man.

photo 3 copy

My new friend is Beth. She is so sweet and giving on the improv stage, but nothing will top Gary Busey wanting to audition for I dream of Jeanie.

photo 4

All in all it was a great night. Here I am dreaming of coffee.

photo 2 copy

Here is a video taking about what else I’ve been doing with improv.

We will miss you!!!!

Another high school football season comes to a close. My daughter’s last marching season was this year. It ended with the schools first playoff game. We sure will miss her marching, but the next stage of life must happen. It will be hard to say goodbye to the jets family, we will miss you!!!!

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